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It’s not what happened that matters, but how you tell the story.



Violet De Luna is a recovering – sometimes – attorney in Miami, FL.  She prefers storytelling to legalese, as well as an open heart over the analytical mind. Violet has found that when her heart and mind work as one, that's where the magic happens, and she is on a lifelong (and often unsuccessful) journey to connect them both.

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Brooke King, a young Miami lawyer and salsa dancer on the side, desperately wants her long-time lover Santino to commit to her. She longs to heal deep inside and yearns for something beyond herself. After an eye-opening group therapy session, family constellations, Brooke decides that if she just learns to open her heart (whatever that’s supposed to mean) Santino will finally fall in love with her.


Astrologically Perfect

JULY  2023

That’s the date my astrologist picked so I need to get writing!

Meditating for Love


The third in a 3 book series on love, spirituality, manifesting and letting go



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