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Brooke King, a young Miami lawyer and salsa dancer on the side, desperately wants her long-time lover Santino to commit to her. She longs to heal deep inside and yearns for something beyond herself. After an eye-opening group therapy session, family constellations, Brooke decides that if she just learns to open her heart (whatever that’s supposed to mean) Santino will finally fall in love with her. To accomplish this, she travels to Peru to drink a powerful psychedelic; ayahuasca.

During the ayahuasca ceremonies, Brooke has a complete breakdown, which she hopes will change her life forever. But when she returns to Miami and plunges into Feng Shui, tarot, and other rituals in order to find love, Brooke struggles to maintain the connection she felt in Peru. Between a shaman, a new lover, a meddling mother-in-law, and a broken spirit, Brooke discovers she must work on healing her own childhood shame to understand the meaning of an open heart.


Armed with a quick wit, a seething internal monologue, and a few soul-tuning crystals, Brooke attempts to feel a connection to the universe and, more importantly, find the answer to the ultimate question: When the ceremonies are over, how do you find your way home to yourself?

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