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Violet De Luna is a recovering – sometimes – attorney in Miami, FL.  She prefers storytelling to legalese, as well as an open heart over the analytical mind. Violet has found that when her heart and mind work as one, that's where the magic happens, and she is on a lifelong (and often unsuccessful) journey to connect them both. She received her first tarot card deck at age thirteen and Reiki certifications at age sixteen.   After that she earned certification after certification in Astrology, Spiritual Bathing, Life Coaching and Mindfulness Education amongst many others and undertook a wide array of plant medicine journeys always in search of a constant connection to the divine. 


In addition to writing, reading, being a mom of two and sometimes lawyering, Violet has a passion for cycling and salsa dancing.  And while she still connects to other worlds through plant medicine on occasion, she’s an avid follower of Joe Dispenza’s work and has found the mystical through meditation as well.   

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